My name is Brian. This is my website.

When I was a toddler, I wanted to be a knight. The adults around me convinced me it was not possible. In my early 40’s I learned otherwise. Something deep in my soul is awakened when I put on armor. Something visceral when I strike out with sword or axe. I feel alive. I need this. What I didn’t know I also needed was the camaraderie among the fighters. We are all family. In this and all endeavors, I aspire to live up to my potential, whatever that may be.  

Welcome to my web page.

I’ll be writing more about my training and fighting as it progresses.  I’ll be talking about the history behind what I do, the philosophy I’m developing and the lessons I’m learning in life.  In every culture, there is a strong connection between warriors and spirituality.  I’m beginning to learn that there is a reason for this and it transcends religion, yet is solidly based in philosophy.  

Please bear with me as I get better (and faster) at editing videos.  I’m pretty good at shooting them, but editing… not as much.  I’ll probably share a lot of raw footage.

Once again, THANK YOU and I hope to meet you in person if I have not done so already.


P.S. — Family FriendlinessI will do my best to keep my content PG-13.  By definition, what I do includes simulated human-to-human violence.  I am clear that this this does NOT involve any of us actually trying to damage or kill any other person or creature.  That said, what we do is INTENSE (especially for those of us participating in it!) and you may occasionally hear adult language.  We are not Captain America.  There may be accidental injuries.  There may be blood.  The content here DOES NOT GLORIFY REAL VIOLENCE.  We treat real violence for what it is.  We will talk about it as adults.  We train to know how to use it, and most importantly, we hope to train to be so good that we’ll never need to use real violence.  Ever.  I hope that my writing and videos will give you a closer insight into what I love to do.  I hope you will see our camaraderie and the shared sportsmanship among all the fighters.  We are family: all of us.

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