What groups do you fight with?

Most of my training lately has been with the Armored Combat Sports..

I also fight in or am a member of: Society for Creative Anachronism, . Within the SCA, I have registered name and arms, an Award of Arms, a Royal Warrant as a Kingdom website deputy Webminister, I am the East Kingdom marshal of armored steel fighting, a Cut-and-Thrust marshal, an Archery Martial in Training, and my local barony’s chronicler.

While I spend most of my time working with the above two, There are also these:

  • The Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword,
  • The International Medieval Combat Federation,
  • American Medieval Combat Federation.,
  • Historical Medieval Battles — USA.
  • I have also been a member of Armored Combat Worldwide, but my membership has lapsed due to a lack of events that I could attend.
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