2019 NH Renaissance Faire is over….

The 2019 New Hampshire Renaissance Faire is over.  This year as usual, it ran for two consecutive weekends in the middle of May.  I participated as a member of the Brotherhood of the Arrow and Sword and had a blast as I always do when working with the Brotherhood.  We all enjoy talking to the public about the arms, armor, and history of the middle ages.  The public seems to enjoy seeing the fights and actually being able to handle the armor on display.

This year we were joined by a number of fighters from The Knights Hall, where I train.  This gave us a good number of fighters and fighting styles to demo and it was a superb opportunity for cross promotion.  The fights went well, though many of us with we had more time to fight.  Out afternoon fight show is only half an hour and with more fighters, we really only get a few fights each.  I kind of hope that in the future with 7 or so fighters, we can do two half hour fight shows. 

On the last Saturday, one of our fighters proposed to his girlfriend, who is also a fighter.  They were both in full armor and had just done a sparring match with each other.  She said yes.  Congrats to Scottie and Brie!  

This week, I am back to training.  Cardio is always my bane and something I am continuously working on.  Last night I was back in the gym and with the sudden higher temps, we mixed it up a little and went warm-up to drills and then the HIIT/Tabata workout and optional sparring after.  I beat myself up in the workout, and after a full weekend in armor, I passed on the sparring.  I’ll be back in full force tomorrow (Wednesday).  

Second to cardio, for fun, I’m trying to work on my flexibility.  My shoulders are tight and it just feels good to stretch my legs and back.  

I’ve begun worrying less about my actual weight and more on functional improvements.  It removes a lot of stress and allows me to concentrate on my ultimate goals.  Weight is a number and it will fall in line as I work on everything else.  

More later.  I had a blast.  Thanks to all who participated in any way and to those who came to visit and watch us!  I hope to see you all at the next one, which will be the Vermont Renaissance Faire in a few weeks.  

See you then!


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