I Need Your Help

Hello friends,

I’m just beginning to publicise my journey here on Aspiring Knight dot com and I am wondering what sort of things you would like yto see more of. This might be more vlogging about my training ot my self reflection, how my journey meshes with my modern life, my progress in the various styles of fighting or reenactment I do, or whatever.

This is your chance to help me focus the direction we take in this part of the journey. I’m Already planning a series on some of the frequently asked questions I expect you all have. Who is this guy? Is he a real knight? Is that armor real? Is it heavy? Are you hot in there?How well can you move in full armor? Is that a real sword? Can I punch you? All those sorts of questions are already in the planning, but I need your help with the direction. Let me know with the form below: