Outdoor Soft Kit Training

Today I joined the rest of The Knights Hall and friends to partake in a little soft kit training. This is where we don light, padded armor and play games to hone our fighting skills. These are fun, short rounds similar to “capture the flag” or as we joke about ir, “boffer tag”, but they are all made to hone teamwork, field awareness, communication, and the practical application of small team melee tactics.

Armor is heavy and takes time to put on and take off. Soft kit is padding, similar to what you’d see in most martial arts schools… in fact it is exactly the same. All that running around also builds cardio, which I desperately need. Soft kit lets us have more field time to hone these ancillary skills. And it is just a lot of fun!

After we packed up, I had a light dinner and took a quick swim at the pool near my home. This time, I added my snorkling gear to work on breath control and energy conservation.

You may have noticed, I need better cardio. In case you missed it I’m coming from a background of asthma and last October I broke my leg. This is all part of my post recovery process. Yeah, I should have shaved before putting a diving mask… but I was able to practice clearing the mask under water and that is a good thing.

Now, I’m off to bed. It was a fun and active weekend. Early tomorrow, it is back to my day job as a computer engineer for a major tech firm….